Lisode is an accredited training organism which regularly organizes different types of vocational training courses:

  1. Public participation and group facilitation in territorial development projects. During this training course you will learn what are the necessary stages, principles and methods to design and implement a public participation process and how to facilitate it
  2. Companion Modeling. During this training course you will learn how to use this methodology combining participatory modeling and role-playing games for knowledge improvement and collective decision making processes support.

During our training courses you will acquire:

  • Knowledge: you will learn the key theoretical concepts
  • Skills: you will become competent in designing and facilitating participatory process and in using relevant tools and methods
  • Attitude: you will realize and reflect on your personal approach to intervention by clarifying their underlying values

The training courses offered by Lisode have a very practical dimension. Our ambition is to equip the participants with competences that are directly applicable in the reality of their work. We use a project-based education approach. The cases we work on during our courses are built on the real experiences of the participants. We analyze them and solve collectively. We use interactive methods such as role-playing games to let participants practice their skills in simulated real-life situations and to confront their knowledge with the reality of the complex social dynamics similar to the dynamics of the participatory processes.

Next to the regular training courses we propose custom made training, adapted to the needs of our clients and to the context in which they operate. These training courses provide an opportunity to strengthen group dynamics and build a common knowledge and skills repository contributing to our clients’ organizational development.