Since the creation of Lisode, we have sought to establish a link between the results of research and the needs of policymakers. In parallel to our consultancy activities, we participate in (or coordinate) national and international research projects. Our approach is action research in which theory and practice are methodologically related in the process of knowledge production. The action research framework provides opportunities for:

  • Continuous learning. The reflective approach that we adopt allows us to step back and reflect on our own actions in order to improve our consultancy services
  • Knowledge production. We use the outcome of our research to publish scientific papers, but also to fuel the content of our training courses
  • Innovation transfer. The close contacts with the world of research allow us to keep abreast of recent advances in the participatory tools and methods, and to transfer them to the world of practitioners

Finally, Lisode hosts and manages a community of practice, which brings together researchers and practitioners who wish to share their experiences and enrich their practice in the field of participation. This community meets regularly to test and reflect on participatory methods, including those that we use in the field during our interventions.